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A must-have app!

Informative, funny and valuable. This is THE news app for busy people who want to know what's going on in the world but don't want to spend an hour reading news everyday. The content is the perfect length; useful, informative with links to further information at credible news sources. The humor and pop-culture references make it even more enjoyable! I used to get the daily email and was so happy the day they released their app. It's one of my favorite parts of my morning. And the calendar is amazing. It helps me stay informed on events going on in the world, so even if I'm not interested in them I have the relevant knowledge to engage in conversations with others. I love the SkimmReads and digging the new audio Skimms! Skimm HQ just keeps making it better. 5 stars. It's a home screen use-every-day app. So worth it!

Review Skimm Notes - Good idea, Bad execution

I am all about podcasts! I listen to 3-5 every single day. I think what brings power to the stories is without a doubt: the narrator! And there’s nothing that bothers me more than a narrator with vocal fry. So listening to Skimm notes “WikiLeaks”, I cant stop noticing the fry voice that is distracting me from such a good story. Paging Sarah Koenig...

Convenient with ties

Nice to wake up to. Feels a little anti-American. I don’t want to hear your politics. I want to hear the news.

Can't start the app

When it comes to the last step after I made so many choices, it said payment is not allowed in this device. Then it's frozen.

Loved the preview!

I listened to 2 ten minute audio stories, I was very impressed and may purchase....but, please correct the grammar! It is NOT like I said, it is AS I said. That being said, I will be probably purchase The Skimm app!

Great app

New Skimm Notes is awesome. Provides excellent, high level, historical audio overviews of complex topics.

Love the skimm!

Been reading the Skimm for over a year now!! But I love the new audio feature! I’m a medical student, always rushing, always busy, and sometimes find it hard to even read the daily skimm!! Now I can listen to the audio features while I get ready in the morning! Love it, thank you!

Doesn't even start

The app does not even work with out having your payment enabled. Apparently you need to have it on so it can rip you off first before delivering the news.

Turn on payment?

I downloaded the app and don't really know what it could do yet. It forces me to turn on payment option before I could do anything. No thanks. Uninstalled

Good app. Recommended.

Really like the app. Only piece of constructive feedback would be to maybe go a little easier on the sarcasm / irreverence in some news pieces. It kind of lowers the intellectual quality even more than a short summary is already doing. "A dab w'll do ya!"uh

They want my P.I. (Personal Info)

I haven't used the app really because I don't feel comfortable giving my info if they say some of it is free. I get that some is premium "all is great" but if I would prefer to have the free stuff, then get the premium if I want it and not have to give my info before even seeing if I like it. Please change this.


Just what I need, another subscription service. Sorry. I didn’t realize that’s what this was. I will not pay for another subscription. Everything’s a subscription now and we’re just sending someone money every month for nothing. I’m going to start a subscription calculator. Pay me $3.00 every month and you can do addition and subtraction. I give this 3 stars because someone tried to do something, which is good in itself.

Perfect for me!

So, I’m not really sure how I started receiving The Skimm emails in the first place but I’m so glad I did. The way they write is relatable and makes me want to read more and the news is relevant. The app is great, I have no problem paying $3/month to support a company that delivers news in such a relevant way!

Yay audio!🎙

I love Skimm notes! Super convenient way to get the info I need on important topics

still makes you pay

i downloaded the app and it asked to set up calendars and stuff but right after it made me pay 2.99 with only 30 days free and i cant use the calendar for free. even though the app was free it still makes you pay

Scammy scam

I downloaded for the free trial, deleted after a few days because I prefer the Skimm via email. A month later it charges me for not cancelling my subscription... guess they’re just trying to squeeze a few bucks

App is Sexist, Lacks Customization

I am a guy and this app seems to favor female users (the icons, some of the quotes, etc). There is no way to clear something you've read and remove it from view. Also, customizing your preferences doesn't seem to be working. I unchecked sports, but still see. 👎👎


Everything I need to know in a quick daily newsletter that I can read in like 5-10 minutes. I never knew how much I was missing until I got the skimm. Now I want all of their swag and tell all my friends about it. 👍🏻

Go skim

My fave app! Good job

Useful af

Love how concise and easy to read this is. I also love that you link in articles if I want more info. Id like to see more cliff note type articles on bigger issues.

LOVE it!

Love the brevity, humor, organization, objectivity and links to more info. Perfect for my day and the connection I need to the world.

My one and only

News source! Can't believe the day has come that I am able to download the Skimm app!! No other news source gives it to you quick and dirty, like the effects of a good martini. Try the others if you must; but you'll quickly see why Skimm is my one and only news source! As for the people who are complaining about the $2.99 per month: a news paper or cable subscription cost waaayyy more and I can get the news I want when I want so for $36.00 per year, it is a no brainer.


This app is a great idea, but the categories of information available are very pop culture and entertainment industry-based. Where are the sections for science? International culture (sorry, how to pronounce Oktoberfest is not news)? Travel? Thought-provoking philosophy? Art and music? If you like finance, Hollywood entertainment, football, and celeb gossip, you'll be into this, otherwise just skip it.

Stand Up - Straighter!

Well, everyone was raving about this app, so I subscribed too. OK, I guess... What I have found is that it makes my wife smile. She really likes it! OK, Good! From where I sit, it is a bit too cute and a bit too loc (left of center) in its views and articles. Personally, I would like a subscription that was more - straight down the middle. No cutsie, No commentary. Just the facts. News, not Editorial. Reporting, not Commentary. IMHO, the American public is hungry for honest news, not bias. Life is about balance, and balance is usually found in the middle - a place our journalists fear to tread. How about an app subscription called - "Bullseye - no bull, just an honest look!"


Terrible app, instantly makes you pay for the app or at least put in credit card info

Fun to readnews

It is fin to read news on Skimm Never boring Or tedious

Lots of room for improvement

The Skimm is aiming to be your personal assistant with witty morning briefs. You can adjust the content according to your interests and make it more personal. However, I'm pretty sure it doesn't learn more about you like Pandora's like/dislike algorithm. As a result after a couple of days it starts to fall short of keeping your interest up. Like, I opted for politics and I've been getting all kinds of updates on DACA every day, but no news about world politics. App could easily ask me more questions for getting the content really personalized. Also, there seems to be a problem with the timings since there're recommendations for a long weekend after the long weekend or it redirects me to AppStore to download the app although I already have it. One thing that I like abot the Skimm is that you can add news to your calendar and see the important events on a timeline. tl dr; content is too generic and no effort to personalize it.

Not free.

Minimum $3 month.



Great App, Even Better Company

I LOVE theSkimm! They provide relevant news/stories in a way that's no bs and enjoyable to read. It makes me happy to see a business created and run by women, especially one that's doing so well. I've been subscribed to their email and have been following theSkimm on social media for a while and am excited to finally check out the app! I just have to say... What a bunch of grumps in the reviews!! There's absolutely nothing wrong with the company asking for $2.99 after a free month trial. The emails are free and while they don't offer as much as the app, they're a perfectly fine resource. It baffles me that people spend their time writing a review about not wanting to pay a few dollars a month to support an awesome company. If you don't like it, don't pay for it! Go Skimm and keep doing what you're doing!!

Be educated and informed

A seamless way to introduce current real event into our life. Not intrusive and so important to participate in this brilliant resource. Thank you to the brain behind this source of information. We are all better for having you available to us.

$2.99 really?

I mean it probably wouldn't bother me if I didn't get the emails for free but u want me to pay for the app? I get that no one should work for free but it clearly says in app purchases so why do I need to subscribe? I'm not going to subscribe AND get a bunch of spam in the app. It's one or the other not both! Thanks but no thanks

Clever writing

I enjoy the humor and wit of the articles. They've boiled the news down the essentials. I look forward to reading every morning.

Not free

App is actually a subscription. Don't buy unless ur willing to spend money.

Not just for Millennials

This has been one of the few apps that I really appreciate the "value add" it's brought to my life. It integrates seamlessly with my calendar - and provides a window to what others (friends, family, but most importantly my clients) might be interested in - I find it helps me to be sensitive to what is going on outside my "bubble" - the links they provide to more information makes it soooo easy if I want to know more details. I'm a 50+ year old woman ... This isn't just for millennials!

False Advertising- Not Free

Don't make users download the app to find out the truth. Not free. $3 monthly subscription.

Quick reads

This app is great for news you should you know.

Quickly catch up on the news

The newsletter has been a quick way to catch up on the news for a couple of years... The app goes further by corralling all of the Skimm reads, Plus letting me know and download key schedules to your calendar… such as the Olympics (including when each sport is shown on television), Award shows, business earnings, plus the new health reminders.

Not Free

It's 2.99 a month. 30 day free trial. You can't open the app until they have your commitment! Don't download.

Just no.

I am not going to be 3 dollars for a "skim " read. Just no. It should be free. Money grab.

Money grab

First, I would guess most of the glowing positive reviews are fake. Evidence: Notice the reviews are either 5 stars or 1 star, nothing in between. If this app were a buck I might be into it. But 2.99 monthly for a few calendar items. They are interesting but this is a money grab. And I found it confusing to quit after the free trial. Don't download this app.


The app setup starts by saying it's free, except for the premium content. It then goes on to say there is a subscription fee you must agree to. Maybe I don't understand the definition of free..?

Really?! $3 a month.

Why can't this app be free? I am not playing this for a month!


I enjoy every single one of my reads because of the wit and fun incorporated into the writing.

$2.99 a Month

I think I've downloaded this app several times and I keep forgetting that it's $2.99 a month so this is just a note to myself really. A note to remind myself why I've never completed the install. - 07/29/17 That's what I get for just watching the video and not reading the full description. Deleting the app. Sorry. By the way, I heard about this app on the Note To Self podcast. - 06/15/16

Great app! Love the news and the calendar

So easy to read and one tap takes me to more info. The editors are witty and smart !

What the heck!

The intro ends with btw, you get a month's free trial and after that, the monthly cost is "just $2.99." The app needs to be advertised as $2.99!

Love it

I think it's a bit pricy but I enjoy it. I am not sure I will renew next year. Money is tight. But over all I enjoy it.


Best news, entertainment, sports feed ever!!

Does not work without subscription

Does not work without subscription

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