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More accessibility

I really wish they made the feature of this app accessible on a desktop. Specifically a log in for the Skimm notes would be very helpful because it’s a lot easier for me to listen on my computer opposed to my phone while at work.


I wouldn’t call them fake news but they are 100% biased against President Trump and they make it clear they are Democrats.

One sided

Loved the idea and i thought they may try and be a credible news source, but they can’t seem to keep their bias options to themselves. Disappointed

Love the skimm, hate the fees!

I subscribed to this app without being aware there were monthly fees. Not sure if they suckered me in with a “free month” or when I did this. But to my surprise I started being charged a monthly fee. Now I can’t figure out to unsubscribe. Frustrating. Love you skimm, but don’t appreciate that I was tricked into a subscription.

Calendar Spam

Can’t block it or turn it off

Loved it until...

Great app.... until they started inserting events into my busy calendar at specific times during the day.

News with a spark

Am addicted to skimm. Great job all skimm staff Bravo

Let down

I was excited to be kept up to date but was tricked into downloading the app to find out it wasn’t free. Only a month is. Then you pay. I can read all of this online. I’m not paying for it.

Need to Knows - Uninterrupted

As a subscriber to the Skimm for over a year, I couldn’t be happier with the progress made and performance of this app. I turned to the Skimm during the election to get the news I *needed*, not the news I *wanted*. I started out with the Daily Skimm to my inbox and was able to get the day’s news uninterrupted by partisan bias and straight to the point. That captured my attention and I quickly became a subscriber. It’s a little bit of entertainment, sports, pop culture, and world news. I love the calendar subscriptions and I always feel in the know. Keep up the good work!

I'll change my review when it's free

I can literally get all this info for free with tiny cards and a million other apps. Such a rip off


Articles are US-centric and tonally biased although it claims to be non-partisan. Guess it’s target audience are younger audiences based on the hosts rhetoric. Just listened to the article on Xi Jinping hoping a professional summary that of the likes of History Channel or Bloomberg...this was not it.

Liberal views

I like the idea of an abbreviated version of what is going on and was paying for it. It has become more and more liberal. I have a different viewpoint, and this is where we part ways.

Best News App for Busy People

This app is single-handedly keeping me up-to-date with current events every week. Everything is concise, informative, and easy-to-follow. My favorite is their Daily Skimm, which summarizes all the major news stories into one quick read. Their Skimm Notes, Skimm Reads, and Skimm Calendar are a nice bonus. This subscription is worth every cent. Highly recommend.

Love the idea...but...

I really love the idea, but perhaps a one time fee would be better? Most people aren't a fan of this new trend where apps say they're free in the download store and then hit you with "to do this you must pay a subscription fee!" If I want to BUY an app I'll buy it. I'd probably pay a one time fee to download this app. But I won't pay monthly to use a calendar (though I do love the idea of having political events and such synced to my calendar for me), listen to news podcasts that I can listen to for free else where, or to have someone recommend what I should read and watch (again, love the idea and wouldn't mind suggestions at all, but my friends do that for free). Like I said, it's a nice idea, and I would definitely use it if it were just a one time fee, but otherwise I'm gonna have to pass and stick to getting your free news emails.

Not worth it

Not worth it Please cancel, second request

Love the newsletter, the app needs help

When I tried to begin a monthly subscription, it never connected to the App Store. Same on my iPad. The help desk didn’t help me. See ya!

Just The Facts

Skimm does a better job than most at staying neutral politically and just reporting the facts.

Ok but

Why is everything written like it’s directed at women? Also, sometimes the forced jokes get old and I just want objective news. And no weekend updates?? Why is this a subscription when so much is bound to fly under the radar? Suggestion: focus more on information and less on entertainment.

What a way to start the morning

I love being informed. This is a great way to learn about current events written in a light refreshing way.

Keeps me up to date in a short amount of time

The Skimm is a great service. I read it everyday. Keeps me up to date on leading news and pop culture. It's written well with links to longer news stories if you want to get more information on a certain story.

Best App

I’m in love with this app 🙏🏽

Pay for news?

Like the idea but news is everywhere. Yours is special the way you set it up, yes. But I can’t bring myself to pay monthly.

Like cancer for your phone

This is the worst app. I thought it would be something I could use in the mornings during my commute to catch up on world news or current events but nope. It's more of a summary of what happened on Vanderpump Rules and the other garbage on Bravo! and E! Network. Seriously save your money and buy an newspaper once in a blue moon. You'll be better off.

Subscription fee

There are plenty of services related to financial news that are completely free. This is gonna be a no from me dog. Also, seems very leftist in the way articles are Wut? Who tf uses CNN as a reputable source?

Best app ever

I LOVE curated content!! The calendar part, brief reads, audios, it all! As a tech guy I need a lot of data quick...this 💯

Listening to skim

I like to listen to the skim notes in car. It would be great if it automatically went to the next one and played. This way I don’t have to pull over and do it

Written by and for millennials

A great app... if you like your news articles written by 13yos like a buzzfeed article. I'm not sure how I can take articles about politics seriously when the writers use teen slang and write at a 5th grade level.

Love the Skimm and the idea of this app but

I wish that instead of just the notes being read..we could get the actual skimm daily newsletter read aloud. I commute 45 mins in traffic everyday and would love if I could play this to kick off my drive! Otherwise, there isn’t much need for the app. I like the calendar of events and the little tidbits that let you dive deeper into a subject by don’t neeeeed those for $20/year. I forget about them half the time anyways. I’d pay to be read the skimm and additional news.

Good app but annoying voice

I like the content in this app, but honestly the voice of the person reading the news is a little hard to listen to. She needs to soften her tone or lower the treble on her output of the recording.

Why would I pay $2.99 a month when I get the daily email for free...

Not cool that you have to sign up for the 30 day free trial just to check out the app features. Then when you forget to cancel you pay $2.99 per month for the same information you send me in an email for free. Who wants to pay to for what you already send me for free.

Snarky, accurate "Skim over the top"

Excellent way to get the top stories summarized with links to analysis. Calendar interaction works well. Less NYC, popular culture centric would be nice - but then I'm not 30 either. Considering the price of a subscription to the NY Times, Washington Post , the SKIM is a bargain

Skimmple Reading Made Fun!

This is the perfect format for me to stay up to speed with the news!

insignificant news

I liked the idea of being able to listen to important news excerpts in the morning, but the skimm does not report on hardly anything worthwhile. It’s an app for 14 year olds who want to hear the latest world drama and maybe a snippet or two about relevant and significant world politics and news. I think the wording of the articles is supposed to come off casual, but really it just sounds immature. To put this into perspective, one of their news highlights for a summary of 2017 was that “Taylor Swift has a new boyfriend.” Case and point. Ridiculous.

Makes My Mornings Better

I have been a loyal Skimm’r for years now, love the app and I have no qualms about paying for the annual subscription. Sure, I could read a dozen publications to find the information but to have someone so perfectly extract the relevant stories and curate them in a digestible manner so that it takes me 10 minutes to have real talking points before I walk into work is priceless. It’s seriously on par with having a personal assistant do the work for me. And I can’t afford a personal assistant, so thank you Skimm.


I’ve been using the skimm since it was just a daily email service and they’re still my favorite news outlet. They make it so easy to keep up with everything going on in the world! And the calendar is the BEST!!!! Keep doing what y’all are doing :)

The best

The best way to get your news daily! Hands down

Best Way to Start the Day!

I’m busy and on the go all day. Skimm lets me review and stay up to date. I listen to the sometimes funny and very informative notes, and truly appreciate the easy to understand, non judgmental deliveries. I highly recommend ✔️

Money grab. ..

First, I would guess most of the glowing positive reviews are fake. Evidence: Notice the reviews are either 5 stars or 1 star, not much in between. If this app were a buck I might be into it. But 2.99 monthly for a few calendar items and a podcast?? They are interesting but this is a money grab. And I found it confusing to quit after the free trial. Don't download this app.

Love the Skimm

It is really difficult these days to find credible info that is non partisan. I am continually frustrated with journalism in America. The internet does not take down old or disproven info or articles. I suppose it will only get more saturated in the future. I have been following the Skimm almost since it’s inception. I am completely satisfied with the unbiased reporting they write. Love the trivia and extra info on what’s going on today. And having a little snarkiness makes me laugh. This ap is worth every penny!

Truly Amazing!

I am so glad I found this app before I went to DC! It’s a great way to stay on top of the news as I use my phone calendar for everything. Also, all the features about the books and the audio podcasts are so interesting and digestible. I have no idea how I lived without this app before!

Skimm to keep up to date

The Skimm enables me to be up to date in an informative and interesting way.

Oh heeeyyyy...This is awful

If you were looking for an app that calls on the cast of Laguna Beach to break down (sort of) relevant news, current events and calendar entries, this is for you. From news about “the ‘Zon” (Amazon) & other painfully kitschy and unhip slang, you begin to question who was more uncool in school, you or the developers. At $2.99 a month for the privilege of suffering through a painful interface and the destruction of the English language, you’re better off buying a workout app. You’ll feel more cool that way.

Great idea, poor execution

I feel bad giving negative feedback about this app, it really is a promising idea. However, I don’t understand why there is a mandatory subscription, there is no information being shared that isn’t already easily accessible online. Moreover, the person who gives and explains information about various political and social topics in the ‘podcast-part?’ of the app is intolerable; it’s less informational and more like listening to someone judge, muddle up facts, and even throw shade. If you are looking for something educational as well as professional, this app is not for you.


UPDATE: BIAS ALERT.. Soo the Skimm adds info about the liberal “Women’s March” (which is really just an Anti-Trump Protest Ralley) but does not mention the YEARLY “MARCH FOR LIFE” [a yearly PRO-LIFE MARCH since 1974!!!].. even though President Donald Trump is speaking at this Pro-Life March... Sooo sad!! [MAINSTREAM MEDIA COVERAGE: The 2017 Liberal “Women's March” received 75 minutes of news coverage between the mainstream Networks while the “March for Life” received just 35 seconds.] ______________ GOOD THINGS about the SKIMM: Love how all the NEWS-Dates are transferred onto your iPhone Calendar automatically if you want. Example: If I want the Playoff Football Games Info & the Super Bowl too—along with it’s: Game Times, Date, what Channel it will be on — that INFO is transferred on my calendar (if I want it) very nice! The minute this becomes just another LIBERAL news-source (ie like much of our U.S. Mainstream Media) is the minute I delete the Skimm.. but yeah it’s center LEFT for sure.. but not crazy left. After you use-up the Free Month Trial you have a choice to either pay $2.99 a month or $29 a year.. by default it goes to the $2.99 a month fee-- but you can change it to $29 a year in your Skimm settings.. they don't tell you that upfront.. a bit ambiguous.. which sadly might turn potential Skimm customers off that don't like and/or don't do monthly subscription payments. They should let people know in advance on the App Info of the two choices. :)

One sided news source

I was very excited about the features of this application. The weekly podcasts are a great feature. However, their most recent one on our president, was enough to make me unsubscribe. I really thought their regular news was pretty fair and non opinionated, but this podcast on Trump was simply wrong. He is our president and alll The Skimm Did was bash him. They did not focus on one of the good things that he has done for our country. It is clear what side The Skimm is on and are promoting their liberal views to their listeners. Even if they are not Trump supporters, he is still our President. I was a huge advocate for this application and company, supporting their business, but I just can’t support a company who people trust for their news daily when they are so one sided.

Best thing ever

The only way I manage to fit in being informed. Thank you Skimm!

This is a tricky app

I hate when I try to check on an app to see if I get it and they charged me right way when I try to see the free trial please I need my money back right now this is disrespectful

Great Potential: two issues

I love the idea because it gives unbiased presentation of important information in a fun accessible way. This could really help raise civic awareness. I just have two issues: the first is that the ratio of entertainment/fun-content to real-news-content favors the former a little too much. The second is that there’s a subscription fee. No matter how much value people get from an app, a large subset of the population will always turn down an app that charges money. If raising civic awareness is the goal, then the app should do away with the subscription fee.

Terrible, biased, not worth a penny.

Terrible, biased, not worth a penny. I thought I would get news, instead it’s all junk opinion

Well done... just one plea

I will pay for this because it does offer more than other news feeds. I don’t have a lot of time to read or even skim all the news that is on my other news feeds. They offer an audio Skimm on key topics- I especially like the series on world leaders. I wish they would add more of these- I can listen to them while driving and get a good base of what I need to know. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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