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The Skinm

I love this app! Short, funny, & right on cue.


People actually pay a monthly subscription for this? No, thanks

Keeps me sane and at least somewhat informed....

I am not a big fan of reading or watching the news. I don’t like the repetition of stories, the negativity, or dramatization of events. I just want to be at least somewhat informed and not have to sift through a bunch of negative hyped up crap to do it. That’s why I love the Skimm. It’s simple. It makes it so I can at least have an idea of what’s going on and maybe talk intelligently about it. Only reason I’m not 5 stars is I find it a little hard to navigate this app. I’m not sure how I get to everything all the time and also have a hard time trying to find something I’ve read a while ago if I wanted to look back at it.

Very Liberal

Before you get offended by my title, I just want to let you know that I'm very neutral on the political spectrum. The idea is great and the journalism is very easy to follow along. I am just looking for a news outlet that has a more balanced point of view.

I love this app.

Best news app I’ve seen by far. I’ve never wanted to read the news more!

I’m impressed

I’m always hesitate to get another news app. I already have MSNBC & Fox News and don’t need anymore yelling. Skimm just tells the story. It actually gives both sides deliberately but it’s not in a they’re wrong or right description. In regards to the subscription its more that just a news story reporting service that yes you can get free from 100’s of apps. It gives easy to backgrounds & research of topics as well. Only wish is they had a podcast so I could get updates from Hey Siri. My go to news (not yelling) app!

Ultra liberal

Very one sided, this is the app for far left ultra liberal females ... the groups that have time protest everything

Excellent service & worth the fee

The best updates, with clear & concise language, and a clever, witty sensibility. They always seem to know what is happening & keep me informed. Stellar insights on books & other key educational information to help me stay up to date, and growing my own brain. It’s my fav!

Bait and switch membership for biased information

This free app has nothing to offer unless you pay its monthly fee, which was not disclosed openly upon downloading. The information in the bite sized pieces are very liberal leaning in pay gap “Facts”, and is not politically unbiased in the information it gives you, and it’s delivery. A portion of the information is not fact checked, and is presented at the same credibility of a college podcast, not a news agency. So take everything with a grain of salt. As a synapses, this app will best benefit a liberal leaning person looking for quick information, and doesn’t mind paying a monthly fee.

Well worth it! My go to news!

Hello, I just downloaded this app the other day and I have to say I’m really loving it. I’m a 27 year old stay at home mom and I can’t always have the news on or sit on my phone and read up on world affairs/daily news. This is one of the best apps I’ve ever come across. It covers everything and I love that it explains what certain things are like the (Nuclear deal) for example. That is my favorite part of the app. Since I tend to be out of the loop, I sometimes don’t know what things are about. I’m normally a Twitter user but this app goes far beyond because it takes the time to cover everything, stick with key points and explain what things are. I’m finding myself clicking on this app more so than Twitter now! I have no issues paying for this service whatsoever. Thank you to the creators of this app. I can tell a lot of love went into it and hard work on the daily. 5 stars from me!

Mama’s gotta eat

I gladly pay the eensy weensy subscription fee because it saves me a ton of time! So what if the info is already out there for free; it does me no good to hunt it all down. Thanks for the content curation, the calendar that lets me avoid water cooler awkwardness, and a very usable app! Kudos, Skimm team!

Enough Biased Politics

Was looking for some straight reporting, not more biased media. I don’t care which party you affiliate with, I don’t want my news skewed in either direction. Give me facts, not opinion, when reporting the news.


This is a thinly veiled advertisement of their calendar app. Just install the free AP News app and get free news briefs with the ability to customize what you want to see. App uninstalled even before the free trial was over.

Like a Book Report on a Newspaper

I spent much more time figuring out how to cancel my "give us your info, free for one week, then we automatically bill you" subscription than I did reading news. Why? Because this app reads like a book report on a newspaper. Few topics, and nothing in depth. If this app survives for year (on the subscriptions that hopeful readers forgot to cancel), it may mature into a news-in-a-nugget format that is worth reading. It's not yet there.

I can’t sign up unless I link my credit card.

Apps that erect paywalls will limit their user base.

Vomit-inducing, pejorative crap

Imagine VentureBeat covering the whole news cycle. They try, above all, to be cute. Then, it’s down to presenting everything through an ideological lens. No. Thanks.

The more I use this the more I like it

When I first looked at this app I wasn’t into the subscription fee idea. But the more I used it the more I loved it. I barely have time to read the regular news so I get most of my information from Twitter which is... frankly awful. With Skimm I get a nonpartisan view on the matter, stating all sides that there could be to a story and even better, WHY it’s important with mini podcasts, interviews and more details when it counts. I can listen to the 10 minute podcasts in the treadmill, or just on my way to the grocery store. And there’s lots of sources from all across the internet. So I never have to wonder where the data comes from. Needless to say I fully embrace the subscription as, for me, it is worth the money to save the time to get the facts. With all the “fake news” floating around, I needed a source that I can trust but knew that just 1 place wouldn’t give me that, not if I want all the facts from everywhere. But Skimm does that! I love feeling informed and being in the loop of things. So, thank you Skimm, and you can bet that I’ll be around for a while and telling all of my friends to check you out. P.S. those mini podcasts really are awesome. They give you the history of a topic that may be really prevalent in the news right now but requires some previous knowledge. So if after reading the daily news you are left wondering what all the fuss is about, Skimm can fill you in.


I can’t believe that you have to pay, just to start. I would give this app more than this, if I could actually use it.


The app has a really great idea behind it.I think this app helps a lot of people and would help more if you didn't have to pay.I don't see the reason of paying for this a normal app and trust me more and more people would use it it you didn't have to start a trial.This is one of the millions of apps with a GREAT IDEA behind it, but not by paying.I couldn't get the app but just by looking the idea is amazing so please I know these reviews may not do anything.But not having to pay this app could be a bigger hit.

I have to pay to get the news?!?

Great concept of quick news but why do I have to pay to hear or read the news. Google already shows the top news stories for FREE. Delete

More accessibility

I really wish they made the feature of this app accessible on a desktop. Specifically a log in for the Skimm notes would be very helpful because it’s a lot easier for me to listen on my computer opposed to my phone while at work.


I wouldn’t call them fake news but they are 100% biased against President Trump and they make it clear they are Democrats.

One sided

Loved the idea and i thought they may try and be a credible news source, but they can’t seem to keep their bias options to themselves. Disappointed

Love the skimm, hate the fees!

I subscribed to this app without being aware there were monthly fees. Not sure if they suckered me in with a “free month” or when I did this. But to my surprise I started being charged a monthly fee. Now I can’t figure out to unsubscribe. Frustrating. Love you skimm, but don’t appreciate that I was tricked into a subscription.

Calendar Spam

Can’t block it or turn it off

Loved it until...

Great app.... until they started inserting events into my busy calendar at specific times during the day.

News with a spark

Am addicted to skimm. Great job all skimm staff Bravo

Let down

I was excited to be kept up to date but was tricked into downloading the app to find out it wasn’t free. Only a month is. Then you pay. I can read all of this online. I’m not paying for it.

Need to Knows - Uninterrupted

As a subscriber to the Skimm for over a year, I couldn’t be happier with the progress made and performance of this app. I turned to the Skimm during the election to get the news I *needed*, not the news I *wanted*. I started out with the Daily Skimm to my inbox and was able to get the day’s news uninterrupted by partisan bias and straight to the point. That captured my attention and I quickly became a subscriber. It’s a little bit of entertainment, sports, pop culture, and world news. I love the calendar subscriptions and I always feel in the know. Keep up the good work!

I'll change my review when it's free

I can literally get all this info for free with tiny cards and a million other apps. Such a rip off


Articles are US-centric and tonally biased although it claims to be non-partisan. Guess it’s target audience are younger audiences based on the hosts rhetoric. Just listened to the article on Xi Jinping hoping a professional summary that of the likes of History Channel or Bloomberg...this was not it.

Liberal views

I like the idea of an abbreviated version of what is going on and was paying for it. It has become more and more liberal. I have a different viewpoint, and this is where we part ways.

Best News App for Busy People

This app is single-handedly keeping me up-to-date with current events every week. Everything is concise, informative, and easy-to-follow. My favorite is their Daily Skimm, which summarizes all the major news stories into one quick read. Their Skimm Notes, Skimm Reads, and Skimm Calendar are a nice bonus. This subscription is worth every cent. Highly recommend.

Love the idea...but...

I really love the idea, but perhaps a one time fee would be better? Most people aren't a fan of this new trend where apps say they're free in the download store and then hit you with "to do this you must pay a subscription fee!" If I want to BUY an app I'll buy it. I'd probably pay a one time fee to download this app. But I won't pay monthly to use a calendar (though I do love the idea of having political events and such synced to my calendar for me), listen to news podcasts that I can listen to for free else where, or to have someone recommend what I should read and watch (again, love the idea and wouldn't mind suggestions at all, but my friends do that for free). Like I said, it's a nice idea, and I would definitely use it if it were just a one time fee, but otherwise I'm gonna have to pass and stick to getting your free news emails.

Not worth it

Not worth it Please cancel, second request

Love the newsletter, the app needs help

When I tried to begin a monthly subscription, it never connected to the App Store. Same on my iPad. The help desk didn’t help me. See ya!

Just The Facts

Skimm does a better job than most at staying neutral politically and just reporting the facts.

Ok but

Why is everything written like it’s directed at women? Also, sometimes the forced jokes get old and I just want objective news. And no weekend updates?? Why is this a subscription when so much is bound to fly under the radar? Suggestion: focus more on information and less on entertainment.

What a way to start the morning

I love being informed. This is a great way to learn about current events written in a light refreshing way.

Keeps me up to date in a short amount of time

The Skimm is a great service. I read it everyday. Keeps me up to date on leading news and pop culture. It's written well with links to longer news stories if you want to get more information on a certain story.

Best App

I’m in love with this app 🙏🏽

Pay for news?

Like the idea but news is everywhere. Yours is special the way you set it up, yes. But I can’t bring myself to pay monthly.

Like cancer for your phone

This is the worst app. I thought it would be something I could use in the mornings during my commute to catch up on world news or current events but nope. It's more of a summary of what happened on Vanderpump Rules and the other garbage on Bravo! and E! Network. Seriously save your money and buy an newspaper once in a blue moon. You'll be better off.

Subscription fee

There are plenty of services related to financial news that are completely free. This is gonna be a no from me dog. Also, seems very leftist in the way articles are Wut? Who tf uses CNN as a reputable source?

Best app ever

I LOVE curated content!! The calendar part, brief reads, audios, it all! As a tech guy I need a lot of data quick...this 💯

Listening to skim

I like to listen to the skim notes in car. It would be great if it automatically went to the next one and played. This way I don’t have to pull over and do it

Written by and for millennials

A great app... if you like your news articles written by 13yos like a buzzfeed article. I'm not sure how I can take articles about politics seriously when the writers use teen slang and write at a 5th grade level.

Love the Skimm and the idea of this app but

I wish that instead of just the notes being read..we could get the actual skimm daily newsletter read aloud. I commute 45 mins in traffic everyday and would love if I could play this to kick off my drive! Otherwise, there isn’t much need for the app. I like the calendar of events and the little tidbits that let you dive deeper into a subject by don’t neeeeed those for $20/year. I forget about them half the time anyways. I’d pay to be read the skimm and additional news.

Good app but annoying voice

I like the content in this app, but honestly the voice of the person reading the news is a little hard to listen to. She needs to soften her tone or lower the treble on her output of the recording.

Why would I pay $2.99 a month when I get the daily email for free...

Not cool that you have to sign up for the 30 day free trial just to check out the app features. Then when you forget to cancel you pay $2.99 per month for the same information you send me in an email for free. Who wants to pay to for what you already send me for free.

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