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Worth the tiny fee

theSkimm daily has been such an additive service in my life for the past few years - I had to sign up the day skimmahead was launched. The calendar integration is genius and appeals to my serious brain and flighty spirit. Onward ho team skimm!

Updated app now charges for DailySkimm

When I first installed this app I could read their dailyskimm newsletter for free - which I can already do via email but I found this slightly quicker to access. I was only asked to pay a subscription for the other features of the app (which I did not use so did not pay). When I got a new phone and installed the latest version of the app, now no content is free, even the exact same newsletter I receive via email for free. The convenience of using the app over email is not worth a monthly subscription fee to me. Uninstalled the now useless app. Disappointed with this change.

Blues Clues for You

If you’re a busy person but like staying current on current events and news, then the Skimm is a daily must-have and must-read for you. Get the app and impress your friends with knowledge of everything happening in your world today! Love the Skimm!

Wonderful Idea

I love the concept behind the App. However I shouldn’t have to pay for the news.

don’t, not worth it

app is not functioning and following free news apps like CNN and your local news will be even better..

Love certain parts

My 11yr old son and I LOVE the audio Skimm Notes. They are education and amusing. We listen to them during the morning commute, but we want more of them. Once a week just isn't enough especially when we are paying for a subscription. Please add more per week!

Money grab.

First, I would guess most of the glowing positive reviews are fake. Evidence: Notice the reviews are either 5 stars or 1 star, nothing in between. If this app were a buck I might be into it. But 2.99 monthly for a few calendar items. They are interesting but this is a money grab. And I found it confusing to quit after the free trial. Don't download this app.

Doesn’t read the daily news to you

The whole reason I got this app was so I could listen to the daily skimm on the way to work or while I check my emails. I don’t have time to read this. I’ve been looking for an app or anything that will just let me know what the highlights are for the day. News and media. It only reads one feature. I already get the emails everyday so I don’t see a point in the app if it doesn’t provide an audio version. That would be a simple upgrade I would be willing to subscribe to.

Forced purchase!

This experience was horrible! You’re forced to purchase before your trial starts. Fire your UX team!

The Skimm is the best!!

I love the Skimm! It has made me a better citizen!! They always tell stories without bias and make the news fun!

If you don’t like big words

Seems like everything is dumbed down... and I have to pay for the news??

Fast, witty and accurate

Great was to get a quick summary of news! Love the links so I can dig deeper on news that peaks my interest. I appreciate the witty titles and way they play on words.

No value without a subscription.

This app offers zero functionality without a subscription. There are probably 5-6 onboarding screens to the point where you can start a trial sub. I’m pretty sure the lack of any usually functionality without a purchase is in violation of Apple’s app review rules. Im fine paying for a subscription, but I feel like this app uses some pretty dark ui patterns to get there.

Just too simplified

The Skimm really tries but it feels like your reading notes from a sorority class file and in the case of the audio recordings, a sorority girl is reading it to you. Cringe factory is so high it hurts. Just use NPR app. And you won’t feel like you have to order the skinny mix with your drink.


Couldn’t disagree more with review suggesting the app would be better if it were free. True investigative journalism costs money, and I respect the way you guys have translated complex stories into simple, yet well informed short form podcasts. Great stuff.


Downloaded this app thinking it was a neat idea. Skeptical as to why it didn’t have a price tag or “in-app purchase” listed... A few options in and I see the catch.. 30-day subscription free and then $2.99 a month. That should be THE FIRST thing you see.


I get the email news free but for this you want $$. No thanks.

In Top 1%...of “Worst App Ever” Category

DON’T EVEN DOWNLOAD this app. If you don’t find content total rubbish and think maybe you’ll look at it for the free trial and see, then your nightmare will begin. Failing to respect my cancellation before end of trial, this app levied unwanted subscription charges for months after I’d cancelled and racked up repeated consequences for me from hitting accounts near their limit. Refunds may be promised but there’s been an utter failure to deliver.


Got this app for the audio news summaries. The narrator sounded like a buzzfeed article. I get the app is trying to cater to millennials, but you can provide engaging content without using emojis in every title and calling older pieces of history “The O.G.”


Curated and shortened news to help your busy life sounds nice, but when you doubt whether the curators of the app are unbiased... combined with the gross pandering to the baser instincts of the millenials and the awful narrator with the vocal fry problem... easy pass.

I am loving theSkimm!

Though I have just downloaded the App, I love it so far! I just read another review protesting the slight fee, the argument being that the content is already out there. This is true, but it takes the brilliant team at the Skimm time and effort to put it together in the various formats, including the calendars. I find that the people behind this App have done a tremendous job to make it light and funny! The news is the news, they do not change that, but the way they present some things are great (IMHO). A good sense of humor in today’s crazy and infuriating world is worth the minuscule price all by itself!!! I highly recommend this App, and I am a news junkie. Bravo, Skimm Team. You have me smiling!

It isn’t free? Really?

Smart News app is the same thing and, it’s free. I was excited for this app because it synced with my calendar. Then I discovered it’s not free. Sorry.... I’m not paying for something that is widely available for free in any number of apps.

Why pay for what’s already free and readily available?

I respect the idea behind this. One stop shop for news snippets and such. However, I must rate this low for one reason. A subscription fee. No matter how low, what reason should anyone pay for this? I’m not saying this because the content is poor, or it’s a bad app. I say this because all this information is already out there. The idea of short news podcasts has been done to death. No matter your politics, all the major news networks in the U.S., and beyond, already put out 10-15 minute news digests, FOR FREE. If this app had no subscription fee, it would likely be excellent. However, for some reason, the creators of this app feel they need to charge you for information already provided for free. Information that you most likely already know. Football fan? You knew when the games are. Political junkie? You keep up with all the political news already. I just don’t see the reason to pay money monthly to have spam alerts put in my calendar, get news digests, and really that’s it. I don’t see the need for anyone to pay for information already readily available. Skimm, your app seems great, and I’d love to use it. However, I don’t forsee a long future for this. If you switched to a free with ads model, I think there would be a greater future for y’all. But a subscription fee to get what’s so readily available from so many sources? What reason should I have to pay for already free information?

Uses too much AAVE

I’d prefer less black slang from a company run by white women

Kaka bingbong

It's crap I didn't even know it didn't work but it's not even worth it I don't like it its crap,stupid,and annoying because it didn't even work!

Perfect way to start your day!

It's like Cliff Notes for current events, but way more fun!

Not free

I’ve been a Skimm email subscriber for a while and I’ve enjoyed the bite-sized news updates so I was excited to see an app. The App Store said it was free so I downloaded and began set up only to get to the final screen and see that it’s not free at all. Without paying, you can’t use this app after the 30 day trial period. I was disappointed to be misled.


Would really like to use this app but cannot get in. Have tried registering and logging in with my skimmbassador account but both give me the same error. HORRIBLE customer service. Have gone back and forth with someone 6 times with no resolution and no assistance. TERRIBLE.

Love Skimm but stop the hate

Fun and quick way to see what’s going on from the eyes of the Skimmer. I’m okay with the twist on reality, but please stop the “us vs them” attitude. So you don’t like Trump. Okay. But he’s our president so show a little respect. Same for the next person. And the next. Addition of the videos is a great idea! Nice job Skimmers. Keep up the great work. Oh, what do you have against more sports stories? Not the political kneeling ones, but real sports.

My most used app!

I was skeptical of getting an app with a monthly charge. But I was already a huge fan of The Skimm, reading their daily email first thing every morning, so I decided to give it a try. And I love it! I especially love the integration into my calendar. Since I don't watch Much TV, I find it even more helpful! I know what new series seasons are starting, when awards shows are broadcasting, and I can even tell my husband what time and station the "big game" is coming on. I've subscribed for months now, maybe even a year, and I wouldn't want to do without it!! Bravo Skimm!


Why is this application attempting to charge accounts that do not even have a credit card associated with them?

Unknowingly charge you iTunes account

They sneakily charge you a monthly fee just because you downloaded and signed up. See the terms below which conveniently are located at the very bottom of the terms and conditions of the app, that we all never read. . IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION, YOUR SUBSCRIPTION WILL AUTOMATICALLY RENEW UNTIL YOU CANCEL IT. YOU MAY CANCEL AT ANY TIME BY FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW OR ON OUR SITE OR APP, AND THE CANCELLATION WILL TAKE EFFECT AT THE EXPIRATION OF THE THEN-CURRENT TERM.

Political Bias

I enjoy your witty take on news outside the main steams everyday same old crap. When it comes to political comments let the reader decide which way to lean.

This is politics?!

TheSkimm promises to be a news aggregator, but in spite of setting it up for Politics & News, many of the posts were trivia: entertainment, stuff I should want to buy, etc. No thanks.

Hate this type of app- forced to pay

It's not free if you have to pay first to use it - regardless if you use it or not - you shouldn't pay for 30 days and then decide - I'd love to see it but won't pay

Love my daily Skimm!

I love how Skimm puts all the important info in and leaves the rest out. Skimming over the news is so much more enjoyable now that I read the Skimm. To the point and always interesting and fun!

Happy camper

Love this brief but accurate daily update on what's happening in the world. I feel less need to turn into morning news shows now because I've already read the news highlights they are discussing in the Skimm! Especially now that they have added the audible Notes option that gives you additional depth to the story! I retired last year and am often camping. Now I have important news easily available on my phone where ever I got that accurate. It also entertaining. A hard combo to pull off!!

Extreme, plutocratic leftist propaganda

Do you believe Hillary Clinton lost the election because of Russian hackers? Then this is the news source for you. Are you interested in progressive economics that promote higher living standards and a more a more equitable distribution of capital? Nothing.


I pay per month to read Skimm. Why do I have to put up with ads that interrupt an article and redirect me to its page and really?

Not free

Don’t say you are a free app but hen you really cost 3 bucks a month

A must-have app!

Informative, funny and valuable. This is THE news app for busy people who want to know what's going on in the world but don't want to spend an hour reading news everyday. The content is the perfect length; useful, informative with links to further information at credible news sources. The humor and pop-culture references make it even more enjoyable! I used to get the daily email and was so happy the day they released their app. It's one of my favorite parts of my morning. And the calendar is amazing. It helps me stay informed on events going on in the world, so even if I'm not interested in them I have the relevant knowledge to engage in conversations with others. I love the SkimmReads and digging the new audio Skimms! Skimm HQ just keeps making it better. 5 stars. It's a home screen use-every-day app. So worth it!

Review Skimm Notes - Good idea, Bad execution

I am all about podcasts! I listen to 3-5 every single day. I think what brings power to the stories is without a doubt: the narrator! And there’s nothing that bothers me more than a narrator with vocal fry. So listening to Skimm notes “WikiLeaks”, I cant stop noticing the fry voice that is distracting me from such a good story. Paging Sarah Koenig...

Convenient with ties

Nice to wake up to. Feels a little anti-American. I don’t want to hear your politics. I want to hear the news.

Can't start the app

When it comes to the last step after I made so many choices, it said payment is not allowed in this device. Then it's frozen.

Loved the preview!

I listened to 2 ten minute audio stories, I was very impressed and may purchase....but, please correct the grammar! It is NOT like I said, it is AS I said. That being said, I will be probably purchase The Skimm app!

Great app

New Skimm Notes is awesome. Provides excellent, high level, historical audio overviews of complex topics.

Love the skimm!

Been reading the Skimm for over a year now!! But I love the new audio feature! I’m a medical student, always rushing, always busy, and sometimes find it hard to even read the daily skimm!! Now I can listen to the audio features while I get ready in the morning! Love it, thank you!

Doesn't even start

The app does not even work with out having your payment enabled. Apparently you need to have it on so it can rip you off first before delivering the news.

Turn on payment?

I downloaded the app and don't really know what it could do yet. It forces me to turn on payment option before I could do anything. No thanks. Uninstalled

Good app. Recommended.

Really like the app. Only piece of constructive feedback would be to maybe go a little easier on the sarcasm / irreverence in some news pieces. It kind of lowers the intellectual quality even more than a short summary is already doing. "A dab w'll do ya!"uh

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